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Boom! Boom!

Posted by rom on November 6, 2005

The sound you usually hear from those trying-hard wannabes who play their music so loud like they have a hearing deficiency. Well, I am not one of them. hehehe. I wrote about getting myself a portable speaker. This one does not give you the thump that you might be looking for but it is enough to share your music with someone beside you or for everyone in a small room.

Anyway, I also found this – a very portable speaker. This is something that might be really cool since it is more portable than the iM4. I am inclined to get one since it fits in my pocket but maybe in the future… after I get myself that AV cable for my iPod and nice case to protect the video iPod. 🙂

To my friend, JP, if you are planning to buy the iM4, I’d recommend going to Octagon in Megamall to test it with your Nano. I’d volunteer mine but only if you can wait since I don’t usually bring it with me to UP. 🙂 Anyway, got mine for PhP4,500 at Villman – call a branch and ask if they have it, it took me awhile before I found one.


One Response to “Boom! Boom!”

  1. JP Petines said

    Thanks. I checked Apple store in SM North and it costs 6K. Lowest i’ve seen around 5.8K somewhere in Cyberzone.

    You’re right, can’t really turn up the volume with IM4.

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