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Posted by rom on November 5, 2005

No, it is not the RIP that is usually identified with Halloween. This is the kind of thing that geeks often do — RIPPING or encoding (digitizing) video and audio from CDs, VCDs and DVDs or even direct from your TVs. For the past few days, this is what I have been doing – trying to find the perfect tool to effectively and quickly rip video so I can transfer it to my video-playing iPod. It is kinda weird not to call it the iPod video or video iPod but hey, if that is easier to say that video-playing iPod, then it is iPod video it is! 🙂

Anyway, I got four applications on my powerbook that can convert video for the iPod – Toast 7, Quicktime Pro 7.0.3, iSquint and Podner. Podner, however, is the one that I use on the Mac. There are times that I’d rather rip using Linux so I thought of finding an app on Linux — Handbrake fits the bill. 🙂

There are other tools such as transcode, ffmpeg and mencode but Handbrake is the easiest to use.


  1. Toast
  2. Quicktime
  3. iSquint
  4. PodNer
  5. HandBrake
  6. ffmpeg

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