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Still down…

Posted by rom on November 2, 2005

Got a comment from RamblingJester informing me that the UP connection has been down since Saturday (!!!!) and that the internal network is fine. The problem is external to the UP network, which is a good thing (I think). The problem is now with the ISP, Pacific Internet. Being able to identify where the problem is is one thing but being able to do something to fix it is another. It is still the job of the CC to inform the ISP of the connection problem. ISPs often have people monitoring their network 24×7 and making sure that client problems are addressed asap – a minute without connection means money lost for the company. I am not sure if the CC folks already informed the ISP of the problem but I find it weird that it is taking the ISP too long to restore the connection. I hope that the ISP was informed of the problem last Saturday so that an incident has been logged in their ticketing system – this way, there is a report that the CC can use to base their request for rebates for the lost connection.

A faculty member posted her frustrations about the connection already. It will not be long til the other users will voice out their frustrations – specially when they cannot get their Yahoo! Messenger clients to connect! Hehehe… [you won’t believe it but the CC support gets a lot of calls reporting network problems because users cannot get their YM clients to connect!]

I remember when a similar thing happened under my watch – long break and no connection! Well, actually there was a connection but it was very slow and some services were not accessible outside of the UP network. Anyway, the problem was internal and it was caused by miscommunication between CC and the College of Law tech staff. 🙂

I think it is time to call one of the CC tech staff and ask what is happening. Holiday’s over so people should be back to work by now. 😀


5 Responses to “Still down…”

  1. J3p said

    hmmm… the problem was with the ISP… not like before where the problem was with the router… the link is now A-OK…

    I just wish the new ISP has an efficient way to determine if their client’s connection is okay or not… with the previous ISP, if UP’s connection is down for even just a minute or so, may tatawag kaagad para alamin kung may problema…

  2. thundercat said

    they might have called but since it were a weekend, they might have assumed that nobody’s home. 🙂

  3. J3p said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  4. J3p said

    no they didn’t… they didn’t even know that UP’s link is down until we called yesterday morning… with the previous ISP, we didn’t need to include one of their monitoring IPs in the router’s access-list… they should be able to do it too… there are other ways of monitoring a link’s connectivity aside from ping…

  5. thundercat said

    both parties should work in tandem. 🙂

    lesson learned.

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