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Canon Digital Photo Professional 2.0.3 does not work!

Posted by rom on October 31, 2005

I never install software that comes with digital cameras. However, this time, I decided to install the software only for its RAW file format support. I thought that iPhoto supports RAW format natively but I was wrong – it does not support the Canon 350D RAW file format! So that left me with the software from the camera manufacturer.

Lo and behold! The updated software from Canon does not work either! At least the software that I use (Digital Photo Professional or DPP). Imagebrowser works fine but the latest version of DPP ( does not work!!!! Argh and double argh!

Oh well – it is a good thing that I take photos using the JPEG+RAW settings. At least I have JPEG files to work with until Canon resolves this issue or at least until Apple does, too.

Joel suggested that I use Photo Mechanic. I’d love to but the USD150 price tag is too much for this purpose. I’d rather just get a copy of Photoshop Elements… when Adobe releases version 4 for the Mac!


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