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Debian it is!

Posted by rom on October 26, 2005

When I started playing with Linux, I used Slackware. Have been using that for quite awhile until the distro from Red Hat and Mandrake (now Mandriva) started to become popular with their easy to use installation procedures as well as their quick update features. From then on, I used Mandrake and Red Hat (now using its Fedora Core release).

However, now I have shifted to a more elegant distribution. Yes, there is an even more elegant distribution that is free (as opposed to some that comes with subscriptions) and it is called Ubuntu Linux – Linux for Human Beings.

My most recent article in Manila Bulletin discussed this new distro. And believe me, this distro rocks! It is also named the Reader’s Choice Award for best Linux distribution by Linux Journal magazine.

So – expect me to support this new distribution. Expect the next UP Office version to support Ubuntu more than it supports RedHat or Mandriva. So – watch this space!


One Response to “Debian it is!”

  1. Wakizaki said

    Dude, Slackware still rocks 😀 I just tried SUSE 10, but I just reverted back to Slackware 10.2. Sure, it’s some work, but it gives better control. I tried Ubuntu Hoary, but it lasted only for 2 weeks on my PC. That’s when I tried Slackware. It’s kind of a pain to install, but performance is great. I haven’t tried Debian, I can’t get some CDs :((

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