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Canon’s WiFi Camera

Posted by rom on October 26, 2005

First it was Kodak and then Nikon and now Canon with their new Powershot SD430. I agree with Phil Askey of DP Review that these critters will suck your battery dry in a few seconds! 🙂 Unless they come up with cheap fuel cell batteries or high-powered solar-powered cells.

Anyway, I remember being able to transfer photos via an external modem using a Kodak camera. Yes, the Kodak Digita-enabled cameras have that functionality. It is a shame that that technology did not flourish. It would have been great to be able to programme your digital cameras – imagine being able to add your favorite filters or sharpening algorithms, etc. Oh well.

A few months ago, I said that I’d buy that WiFi-enabled Kodak but I decided that it is not worth it. I got myself a Canon 350D instead! 😀


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