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Alma Mater

Posted by rom on October 25, 2005

Angelicum is where I spent my first ten years of education – from YS2 (Grade 1) to YS11 (fourth year high school). I have fond memories of the school – from my first communion to my awakening as an activist challenging school policies that were not fair to both faculty, students and staff. I remember the times when we joined faculty members in their picket-line. Cool, huh?

Angelicum is also where I met my future wife, Charmagne, whilst in grade 2! Who would imagine that we’d end up together after being out of touch for more than 11 years (she transferred to another school after second grade!)???

This is also where I started to compete academically – first against my classmates and then against other schools. I remember having been trained by math teachers after class hours. I could just imagine how difficult it was for my siblings to wait for an additional 1.5 hours before we could go home. This competitive nature has rubbed off to my sisters and brother as well. 🙂

Anyway, I am hoping to visit Angelicum once again and perhaps help their Computer Science programme by having them be part of the JEDI consortium.


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