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5G iPod starting to look unattractive

Posted by rom on October 23, 2005

With only 5 shows easily available on iTunes (at a cost one mocha frap from Starbucks each! hehe), I think I will sit this one out until there is ample supply of video.

Converting home videos and DVDs take quite a long time and it is not worth the wait, I must say. I mean, I can watch the show before the conversion is done.

Also did a review of where and when I usually access my iPod and so far, I think I have very little chance to watch videos on the go.

I almost bought the PSP the other day but then again, I figured – limited storage space is inconvenient and add the long conversion process involved – too much of a hassle.

I also checked the Nokia 770. Supports far more media formats than the iPod and PSP BUT has very limited storage as well.

The past week, I got very excited by the fact that the iPod can play video and was pumped up to get one by hook or by crook. Now, it is a different story.

Who knows? Maybe when the iPod is locally available, my views will change… again! šŸ™‚


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