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Why I hate Apple…

Posted by rom on October 20, 2005

This is one of the two reasons why I hate Apple – one is their non-free operating systems and this one, churning out new and awesome products every so often!

Apple just released a 4-processor upgrade to their PowerMac, a slightly less than USD500 pro photo software called Aperture and slight upgrade on the powerbooks.

Well, the 15″ powerbook just had the following upgrade:

  1. brighter screen
  2. higher resolution
  3. twice the video RAM
  4. Dual-layer DVD support
  5. A new trackpad
  6. One hour more battery life
  7. Digital Audio in/out

With basically the same CPU speed and the same HD capacity on the stock configuration. This is the last PowerPC upgrade down the line and the next one will be the Intel-based Powerbooks. Is it worth the upgrade? No, I will not answer it yet. Hehe. Am I willing to take the plunge on the first version of the Intel-based Powerbook? You bet, I am! I guess I have to save up and get that new one… but then again, who knows? 🙂


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