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Expounding on the iPod advantage

Posted by rom on October 19, 2005

I was about to get myself a PSP when the same friend of mine who gave me all information about the PSP directed me to an article 320px Video Isn’t Too Small.

I never really gave that much credit to the ease of the iPod-iTunes integration until I read this and it reminded me of what the Apple experience is all about.

True that there will definitely be less shows available on iTunes Music Store compared to the Tivo, of course. However, it is far better than pirating these shows. I mean, I spend for a grande, at the very least, at Starbucks everyday – I can live with missing a couple just to pay for the TV downloads. At least I am sure that it is legit.

I tried to scale the video playback to the largest possible window I could get on my powerbook and I admit that it is a bit pleasant, if you watch it from a distance, of course! 🙂

Anyway, still waiting for the announcement tomorrow. I mean, who knows? Maybe I will have better use of my money after tomorrow’s announcements.


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