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DivX to

Posted by rom on October 18, 2005

I am still deciding on which one to purchase, the 5G 30GB Black iPod or the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

In my quest to find the appropriate gadget, I searched for a way to convert DivX files to H.264 (iPod) and MPEG-4 (PSP). Although it will definitely take some time to convert the files from one format to another, it will, however, provide me with more video until iTunes gets more networks to join the video revolution.

I found out that Toast 7.0.1 Titanium can convert almost any video format available out there (except for WMV and Theora) to H.264 and MPEG-4 for the PSP. Cool, huh? It takes around 20-30 minutes to convert a 45-minute DivX and perhaps another 2 minutes to transfer it to your device. Hmmm… points for both iPod and PSP.

PSP advantages:
1. Larger screen
2. Longer battery life and replaceable battery
3. WiFi
4. Games

iPod advantages
1. iTunes integration
2. Larger storage (30/60GB vs 1/2GB Memory Stick)
3. Cheaper
4. More portable

To add to this, I already have a music player, the black 4GB iPod Nano. I want a portable video player next. 🙂

Decisions, decisions… was tempted to go out and get myself a PSP already but I thought that maybe, just maybe, there is another reason for me to save my money until Thursday morning. 🙂


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