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Linux goes mainstream?

Posted by rom on October 10, 2005

First time I saw Linux out in the public – away from geeks and techies – was on-board a Northwest airlines flight. I remember flying from Manila to Detroit to Boston last year and the entertainment ‘center’ booted up with the familiar pengiun and text-based console entries scrolling up. A few moments later, everyone gets to watch the in-flight movies. Cool, huh? I wonder, were the movies encoded in theora? šŸ™‚

Today, I saw the first episode of the crime series Night Stalker. And guess what? I was expecting Macs to be all over the place considering that the story is all about newspaper reporters covering the crime beat for a Los Angeles daily. Yes, Macs are plentiful in the publishing industry. However, this one is something else. Yeah, I saw the terminals running Linux! You heard that right – LINUX!

In one scene, the female lead, Gabrielle Union, was typing a story on her computer and when the male lead (sorry, forget his name) came in to the picture, there was a glimpse of her desktop. And it was sitting there with all its glory – a Linux desktop! KDE, at that, too. hehehe…

Second scene was near the ending with the male lead typing his story and again, KDE appears. Cool, huh? I just wish that next time they use a notebook or laptop, please have Linux running on ’em, too.

Personally, I think they are using Scribus but am not 100% sure. Maybe you guys can tell.


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