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Posted by rom on October 9, 2005

Yesterday, my wife and I went to SM Megamall to buy some stuff for the kids. Come lunch time, we decided to try Italliani’s. Although I went to Italliani’s in Makati, this is the first time we went to this branch.

Anyway, according to one of the waiters, this branch is the biggest so far. And frankly, I find it far bigger than the one in Makati. And it opens at 7AM to serve breakfast! Cool, huh? I mean, you can go there for a breakfast meeting and then spend the rest of your day in the mall. Hahaha…

We ordered the calamari and this seafood pasta. We were about to order the Shrimp Fra Diablo but was instead convinced by the server that this one is better because it comes with more seafoods and is also has a larger serving that the Diablo. To sum it up, the pasta dish was wonderful! Devoured everything – decided not to take a photo of the empty plate! Hehehe.

My recommendation, good food, plenty/large serving but a bit on the pricey side.

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