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IP is the name of the game

Posted by rom on October 4, 2005

An interesting contest for students to develop mobile games. Winning team gets mobile devices for each team member – so that means a maximum purse of PhP200,000! [no mention of the specific mobile device but I am assuming that it is the latest and the greatest like the Nokia 9500, which costs around PhP40K].

There is a catch, however. For PhP200,000, you give the game to DLSU – IP belongs to DLSU even if they have not done anything except practically buy the application.

Now think of it this way, if you have developed a really ‘killer’ game, wouldn’t you earn more from royalties from the content providers both locally and internationally? This is something that Computer Science students in UP should think of. PhP200,000 is a lot of money but each student only gets PhP40K worth of mobile device that will be obsolete the moment they receive it. Now, compare that to having revenue from sales and downloads from telcos – wouldn’t that be more money than PhP40K?

Just a thought. I mean, DLSU might be having a difficult time having their students create IP for the university (heck, who isn’t anyway? We’re having problems as well!) but buying products might not be a cool idea. Chances are, there will always be takers – those who want a quick buck.


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