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Posted by rom on October 3, 2005

With all the efforts I have been doing to help UP faculty members, staff and students get discounts, free training, etc. from Apple, I find it necessary to organize the Mac users from UP into a single group. It will definitely make it easier to contact them and easier for me to disseminate promotions, events, etc.

If you are a Mac user and you are from the University of the Philippines (in Diliman, Manila, Baguio, Los Banos, Visayas, Mindanao or Open University), please join us by sending a blank e-mail to

If you do not own a Mac yet but seriously considering one, you are welcome to join as well.

If you do not own a Mac yet and not yet considering to switch, you are also welcome (just don’t flame us or spam us). This forum will enlighten you so you’d switch right away. 🙂

Unfortunately, the community is only for the University of the Philippines.

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