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My New Office

Posted by rom on September 30, 2005

A month after my term as director of the Computer Center ended and I still could not find myself to stay at the department for more than 4 hours. I just stay at home and only go to school for my classes. My students consult online – e-mail or instant messaging.

I have relocated my office to Starbucks Commonwealth! Yeah, it is far better than my room in UP – less clutter, more caffeine and better “view”, if you know what I mean. (Just be sure you know how to ‘share’ your table if someone needs it hehehe).

Anyway, most meetings that I have set for the past month were held at Starbucks or if the meeting is a bit late in the afternoon (‘rush hour’, as the barista would say), Pancake House one level below.

I cannot wait for Starbucks to get WiFi. Now that will be the perfect combination! Hehehe. Macoy, relocate and make this your office. Nearer to UP, too! Hahaha…

Now where is my espresso frap light blend, no whip, grande with hazelnut syrup?


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