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$10,000?! Wow!

Posted by rom on September 25, 2005

Well, SpecOps is offering a $10,000 reward for someone or some group that can deliver a solution that allows a Microsoft Windows XP compatible application to install and run under Linux in two weeks!

Man, if you or your group can do that, you better get in touch with Google than get stuck with some unknown company with virtually no track record of innovation whatsoever. $10,000 is nothing should you accomplish this task in 2 weeks!

“It’s kind of sad for the Philippines that it didn’t have enough talent who can do this (David), although it’s not really the fault of the local software developers but the management team handling them,” Lewis had lamented. “I really felt bad that the Filipino software companies could not do the development of David. I want this to be a Philippine-based product.”
(quoted from Inq7)

I honestly think that it is the way that SpecOps is doing its marketing that is at fault here. I mean, if they leveraged the local open source community’s pool of talents, I am sure that they would have had more developers than they can afford!

UP and Ateneo expose students to Open Source tools, why not take advantage of this and have an agreement with these schools?

There are lots of people in PLUG who can help them out – why not create an advisory board or something with these people in? If they are concerned with the secrecy their business, heck, I am sure that these folks will sign NDAs with SpecOps!

What is SpecOps afraid of? At this point, who wants to run Windows applications on Linux with more and more software companies developing Linux versions of their popular applications?

CrossOver Office is already there, that is all you need to run your soho apps on Linux – unless SpecOps is releasing David for free, which is highly unlikely!

Add TransGaming bundling Cedega with popular Linux distribution like Linspire, SpecOps is facing an uphill battle here.

Anyway, $10,000 is nothing if you can accomplish what SpecOps wants as proof of your competency. You can demand more. So you know WHY SpecOps is not getting any replies from local software developers – they are insulted!


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