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Is Linux the answer?

Posted by rom on September 21, 2005

BSA and its Anti-Piracy drive have started a plethora of stories about raids being done. However, law enforcement agenciesdeny these reports. Internet cafes and online gaming shops have closed shop for fear of being fined and having their computers confiscated. Members of various mailing lists such as PLUG are reporting an increased interest in migrating to Linux.

Is Linux the answer? Well, for some, it may be. Linux is the best solution for Internet cafes that do not host computer games. Imagine saving on the cost of the OS and its Office suite. Just reformat and install the new OS and that is it, basically. This is what I did when I was still with the UP Computer Center. Had the public access labs converted to pure Linux – my tech staff were skeptic but after a few days, students returned and started using Linux, as if nothing happened. Of course they had some issues – like how to save to floppy diskettes, how to print, etc., but it did not take that long for them to learn it.

Anyway, if you are a gaming shop, then you have a problem. Although there are games running on Linux, most of the popular games run only on Windows. You need to get licenses for the OS and the games, of course. Using an emulator is an option (but you still need to license the games) but I assure you that you will drive your users mad! Emulators are too darn slow!

If you are an Internet shop (and not a gaming shop), just howler, I can help you migrate. If you are on the verge of upgrading your computers, I also recommend getting Macs instead – games run far better on the Macs than on Linux! 🙂 [but Windows games will not run on Macs silly!]

Is Linux the answer? My answer, of course, is YES! 😛


2 Responses to “Is Linux the answer?”

  1. aa said

    me alam ka na ba na naraid? at me kumita na ba sa pagsuplong, hehehe?

  2. Wakizaki said

    Damn those game developers…

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