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Posted by rom on September 19, 2005

Look at this! Not that I am rejoicing because my fellow Filipinos are losing their business. However, I think that businesses based on illegally acquired resources have no right to exist! I say,”serves you right!”

This being said, however, the government must do everything within its powers to help these businesses go legit! The least the government can do is to negotiate for lower prices for these software – I am sure that the software companies can give discounts.

As for government agencies being immune – this is ridiculous! I challenge BSA to publicly announce government agencies caught using illegally acquired software. Prove that you are not giving preference to businesses that can either close shop or pay hefty sums for licenses.

I hope that BSA will publicly name and shame these companies and (yes, with emphasis!) government agencies. This will reflect on the leadership of these units – heads will roll! :evil grin:

Side note: I hope that BSA or NBI or OMB or PNP can deputize people to inspect and report establishments with illegally acquired software. That will make these businesses paranoid and eventually either bite the bullet and pay for the license, close shop or start using FOSS. I am rooting for FOSS, of course!

GO BSA, OMB, PNP and NBI!!!!!!


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