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LinuxWorld and Y4IT

Posted by rom on September 16, 2005

This week, I have attended two IT events, namely LinuxWorld in Makati and the Youth for IT Congress in UP Diliman. I was a speaker at Linuxworld whilst I was a mere spectator at Y4IT. In any case, I found Y4IT to be far better than LinuxWorld for several reasons.

First, LinuxWorld participants were charged in the thousands of pesos. I think the cheapest rate, which is the student rate, is around PhP 2,500, as compared with Y4IT’s PhP500 per day (or was it for the entire event?).

Y4IT, as of last count this afternoon, had more than 4000 participants already, with several students requesting for a partial refund primarily because they could no longer find empty seats. I wish that LinuxWorld got this much participants.

Although I did not get to listen to the keynotes at LinuxWorld and only got to listen to Sun’s Matt Thompson at Y4IT, I could say that Y4IT got the better lot. However, Matt also presented at LinuxWorld this morning.

The session that I attended at LinuxWorld,, was well attended. However, I wish that there was more time for the Q&A. It would have been a very interesting exchange of ideas. I was hoping that more participants from schools attended.

Anyway, there is always a next year. I am hoping that we’d get more round-table type discussions at Y4IT and have the students actually involved in the discussions and more participants from schools for LinuxWorld.

I will talk about it more on my podcast, which I will release tomorrow. 🙂


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