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Attack of the Clones!

Posted by rom on September 16, 2005

As an educator, I have the luxury of meeting other educators from other universities and colleges here and abroad. I always enjoy interacting with them since I get to learn a lot from their experiences, most specially if they are more senior.

I have heard this rather “funny” story about a school administrator who was tasked to decide on a proposal from a vendor. The vendor is selling a product that is exclusive to them, i.e. no other vendors offer a similar product, at a huge discount. For some strange reason, the school administrator is having second thoughts on approving the proposal, which incidentally will benefit the school’s faculty members, staff and students by making the product more affordable.

To cut the story short, the administrator, maybe due to some recommendations from friends and/or advisers, now thinks that the product offered by the vendor is the same as the clones that are widely available. *tsk* *tsk*

Personally, I see that the offer will benefit the school and I do not see any disadvantages. I am just wondering why the advisers or peers or whoever are giving wrong advice to the administrator. Being an educator, I think that it is important to research first before making a decision.

I will try to talk to a friend who is going to talk to the school administrator hoping that the administrator sees the entire picture and not base the decision on some unfound advice from friends and/or advisers.

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