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Office Routine, BSA, etc.

Posted by rom on September 15, 2005

What is the first thing that you do at work? What is your daily work routine like?

Well, for some folks in UP, the first thing they do is to download porn! Yes, little did they know that somehow, somewhere, their secret no longer stays hidden. These folks are brave that inspite of the university’s Acceptable Use Policy for IT clearly stating that such behaviour is prohibited, they still do it. Perhaps it is time to make an example out of one and see what happens, huh?

Speaking of example – tomorrow is the last day set by BSA for everyone to ensure that the software they are using are all legit. I am hoping that BSA gets to prosecute someone and publish it on the major dailies to set an example to others who are often too confident that BSA or NBI or PNP will not go after them.

How I wish that BSA will shame government agencies pirating software! I know of a lot and if I wanted a million pesos, I’d squeal on them. Hahaha… but I won’t… not yet, at least.

This is a good move for the Open Source movement as well. I am sure that a lot of organizations will seriously consider Linux, and the rest of the FOSS. It is either that or they shell out big bucks to get their software licenses! Hehehe…

This is the reason why I am supporting BSA’s move 110%! Start with government agencies and state universities and colleges. I am sure that you will get to prosecute at least one!


One Response to “Office Routine, BSA, etc.”

  1. aa said

    Too bad. You may only report about those who use software whose producers or owners are members of BSA. For the rest, I do not know.

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