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It is here!

Posted by rom on September 13, 2005

Here is my brand-spanking new 4GB iPod Nano, Mang Nano, in its box beside the iPod Shuffle box.

Here it is on its own.

Simplicity is key. Opening the box just reveals the iPod Nano. I only took out the USB cable to charge and sync it since Firewire-syncing does not work. The earphones remain intact. Hmmm…

This is so d**n cool. I immediately connected it to my Amihan and it started to optimize the Nano for the Mac (reformatting it to Mac OS X File system) and then it started to pair with my iTunes library – the same way that any other new iPod pairs with your iTunes.

I synced photos as well and used my iPhoto collection. Thing is, I needed to modify my iPhoto libraries – actually, I had to organize the photos so I can select photos that I want copied to Mang Nano.

Run now, I am listening to a podcast whilst viewing the photos and typing this entry. 🙂


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