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Posted by rom on September 8, 2005

One word – WOW! Yes, just when I was thinking of getting one of those color iPods, here comes one that is far better than the iPod Mini. Yeah, the technolust in me is itching again and I think this is a good addition to my iPod collection this Christmas. Hmmm, my iPod mini will be inherited by the kids so they can listen to my Audible Fairy Tale collection. Shuffle will always be there with me as a USB-drive with some music played when boredom strikes.

Wait. Is that a lanyard/earphones I read? Hmmm… time to save up.

OK, say it with me – “iTunes 5!” Hahahhaa. Yeah, along with the iPod Nano comes the new version of iTunes. Actually, there is also the Motorola Rokr E1, an iTunes compatible mobile phone available exclusively in the US (at the moment). Nah, am not at all excited with that phone. Why? The only advantage I’d get is being able to carry one device for my phone calls and music. However, I am worried about the battery life. I mean, if the Motorola can boast of having a 7 day battery life, then I’d get it asap! Hahah… pretty satisfied with my K750i at the moment, at least until there is 3G version released that is supported by the local network.

Anyway, photos are all courtesy of Apple.


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