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Autographed Apron

Posted by rom on August 31, 2005

barista apron
Originally uploaded by mctux.

The last time someone gave me a signed piece of garment was in high school. I remember my batchmates signing on my shirt. Up to this day, 18 years after, I still have that shirt (well, actually there are two). What will I do with the shirts? Someday, I might just frame it – just to remind me of those wonderful times I have spent in highschool.

Today, however, was similar. Although it was only for 3 short years compared to highschool’s 4, the quality of friendship made with these people who signed on this apron is the same or even better.

Today also marks my last day as an admin serf. 🙂 I am back to my original job as faculty — meaning more time to teach and do projects outside of the university than minding the operations of a university unit. Do not get me wrong – I love working with these folks but sometimes I also have to think of myself, my family and our future. I guess it is time to pursue our plans of applying overseas! Hahahaha…

Back to the apron – I will miss the days when we go out for lunch, our Starbucks sessions (yeah, thanks to you, Macoy, I am now a certified addict! I am glad that my cousin in the US found a study that coffee is good for you! hehehe), our regular pizza and ice cream sessions (thanks to the habitual late comers! hehehe) and not to forget our rackets!

I surely would miss you guys – don’t you worry, I will visit you there once in awhile. 🙂

Thanks for the 3 years, Paul, Jeff, Byron, Macoy, Joel, Myra, Shane and Jen. And to those who worked with me for a shorter period of time, too – Oliver, Rodel, Kelvin and Don. Maybe we can have lunch together one of these days… How about Sept. 8? 😀

One Response to “Autographed Apron”

  1. marj said

    Plans of applying overseas? Hmmm… Where? 🙂 Keep me posted, cousin dear!

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