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On Digital Rights Management

Posted by rom on August 24, 2005

Yesterday’s news is a welcome respite from the confusion regarding which digital rights management (DRM) standard to support. This is particularly important for users, who are the ones purchasing and using the digital media.

An open standard will, hopefully, unify this segment of content distribution. It does not necessarily mean that companies will dump their current DRM implementations but maybe they can add this new standard to allow more users access to the digital media.

Take the case of Apple’s iTunes – Apple refuses to license its FairPlay DRM to anyone. It alienates non-iTunes player and non-iPod devices from playing any of the songs available on the music store. It is a good thing, however, that Apple provided iTunes on both Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, Linux is not supported (yet). I am hoping that Apple will soon release a Linux version.

Another example is that of Microsoft. Now the DRM that Microsoft uses alienates all but Windows users! Talk about being greedy, selfish and inconsiderate! I mean, it is one thing to have your own DRM but by all means, provide players that run on other platforms!

An Open DRM will allow full interoperability of devices and players – regardless of platform! No added cost for licensing, too – reduced cost, hopefully, for consumers.

The question now is – which DRM to use if you are going to distribute your content?


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