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Posted by rom on August 18, 2005

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The entire technical staff went out to lunch today and we chose Cravings as the venue. Although the food was great, service really sucks!

To start with, we all knew how long it takes for our order to arrive but the open soup and salad bar compensate for that. At least we can eat whilst waiting for the main course.

However, we were not expecting the service to be so darn poor! Imagine the servers taking more than 10 minutes just to get a replacement fork? And worse, the drinks of three of our companions arrived after they have finished their food! Talk about service!

To add to that, we had 3 drinks cancelled and settled for water but when the bill came, they charged us the cost of one of the cancelled drinks. We asked them to correct it and dig this, they did – they removed the drink BUT added PhP200 to the bill!!!! Shesh! Apparently, they added the other 2 cancelled orders. I wonder who was in-charge of the day’s operations there.

Anyway, I doubt if the entire crew will ever return to that place. Just a word of warning – eat there only if you have lots of time to spare!


One Response to “Yummy!”

  1. cholle said

    Hi sir! It’s my first time here in your blog.

    My bro used to study at CCA, and he did warn me that eating at Cravings wasn’t really worth the price. Haven’t tried eating there eversince he told me that. 🙂

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