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Posted by rom on August 18, 2005

Originally uploaded by mctux.

Another boo-boo today!

After lunch, we went to Starbucks to get our caffeine drip for the day. Yeah, the coffee in the office is just not enough (maybe because there’s no caramel and hot milk!).

Anyway, I ordered 3 hot caramel macchiato grande for me and two of my staff. One added an extra shot and the other followed…

“Make it three!”, I said to the lady barista.

Unfortunately, we seem to be on a different dimension or something. What the barista did was to have 2 extra shots to each of our macchiatos!

Three shots total!!! We could no longer taste the caramel! Argh. The weird thing is, though, except for some extra stomach acid activity, I feel sleepy. I am not sure if I can get some sleep but we will see how potent 3 espresso shots really is. 🙂


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