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Mousing around

Posted by rom on August 11, 2005

Ever since I got my Mighty Mouse, I had my Apple Bluetooth mouse gather dust on the table. Inspite of some negative reviews from other sites, I find myself liking it more because of the ‘360 degree’ scrolling. The right mouse ‘button’ also got into my routine when I open files using a specific application (instead of double clicking on it). The squeeze buttons, however, are quite difficult to get used to and at the rate I am going, I do not think that I will be using it that much!

The other Mighty Mouse will find its way to a new owner come Monday since my wife is pretty much content with the logitech mouse.

This morning, my brother told me that his Linux PC no longer boots up – no sound, nothing! I was worried there a bit since it might mean that the motherboard f****d up. I was contemplating on getting a Mac Mini so he can use it (and my children can borrow it when he’s in school) and maybe get him comfortable using it instead of Linux. [nothing against Linux but since I am the one buying the hardware hehehe…] Anyway, it turned out that one of his 512MB RAM is busted! I am hoping that the warranty is still ok so we can have it replaced this weekend.


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