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Shopping Galore

Posted by rom on August 8, 2005

Today is one heck of a shopping day!

I just got a call from a friend, dindin, informing me that the mouse I ordered from her arrived last Saturday and is ready for pick up. Just when I was about to plan the trip, I got a Yahoo! message from another friend, benedict, telling me that he got in last weekend and left my mouse before he left for his overseas assignment. Geez! Yeah, got 2 Apple Mighty Mice today! I am actually using one right now and installation was a breeze – connect the mouse, insert CD and install driver, reboot and that is it. This is one of the few instances that required you to reboot your computer. Well, I rebooted twice actually – the other one is for a different reason. My wife is still thinking if she will use the other mouse, though. Hmmm…

Anyway, the other reason why I rebooted is because I updated my printer driver. When I installed Mac OS X, I only retained the HP printer driver since all our printers in the office are HP – from my HP1300N beside my spare monitor; the HP1300N that we configured for access from some secret location; the HP3330, our all-in-one printer; and our HP 2250, our colour laser printer. I just bought a Brother HL-2040 laser printer for a little less than PhP8K. I was considering several other printers such as the Samsung 1610 but its Mac support is not documented. The older 1510, which was on promo a few months ago, was compatible but no longer available.

I also went to the Epson showroom to check out their EPL-6200L entry level printer. It was fast and quiet and at 5 pesos less than 10K, it is a steal! In fact, this is what I was bent on buying after getting some DVD-Rs and having lunch at the Food Court. The HP 1020 and 1022 were contenders as well but their price is quite difficult to swallow. The 1020 is around the same price as the Epson but it is not compatible with the Mac. The 1022 is quite expensive at 13K.

It was a toss up between Epson and Brother but the Brother printer won because [1] it supports USB 2.0 vs the Epson’s USB 1.1, [2] although both comes with a free toner as promotion, the toner of the Brother is 1K cheaper, and [3] the Brother comes with 2 years warranty.

Good thing that all of the laser printers that I was considering are listed here except for the HP 1020 and the Samsung 1610. πŸ™‚

Setting up the printer was a breeze. Unpack, plug it in, turn on and press the GO button for the test print. Then connect the USB cable on the printer and the Airport Express. On the powerbook, install driver, reboot and then bring up Printer Setup Utility again and presto! The printer gets recognized via Bonjour! COOLNESS!

Now the problem is – how to have my brother’s Linux box see the printer via Bonjour. πŸ™‚


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