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Not the first time

Posted by rom on July 30, 2005

Yes, this is not the first time that correspondents for their InfoTech section published incorrect information. The UP Computer Center is different from the UP Computer Science department! It is just simple but the thing is, I personally know the writer, Alex, and I am sure that he knows that I head the Computer Center but my good friend, Dr. Festin, heads the Computer Science – there might have been a lapse in judgment. To add to it, the information about the new building housing only the Computer Science is not true! The first two floors will house the College of Engineering Computer Science and EEE Library Collections. The upper two floors will house the Computer Science!

Anyway, not too long ago, also quoted me out of context and also they have published a report about one of UP Diliman‘s research unit getting around 100 million pesos in grant from the Department of Science and Technology but in reality, it was 10 million. Shesh!

I hope that the Infotech editor will have his/her writers verify their stories first.


3 Responses to “Not the first time”

  1. ia said

    In this article, UP Department of Computer Science was previously referred to as “UP Department of Computer Center”.

    Tsk, tsk. At least they’ve edited it now.

  2. buchicoy said

    Di ba yung sa UP ACM article dati mali rin? Hindi yata nila itinama.

  3. eClair said

    Tsk tsk. Hmmm. They ought to be more careful next time. Strike three and they’re out *laughs!*

    By the way, Mario Carreon blogs now!

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