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New Digital Camera

Posted by rom on July 17, 2005

I promised myself that I will not buy another digital camera until I get to find more time to go out and take photos. Right now, I am swamped with work and my idea of leisure seems to be in front of my powerbook typing away! Circumstances, however, dictated that I buy another digital camera but not the one that I’m eyeing but a different kind.

I bought this one. Apologies to those who are viewing my blog using portable devices since the site requires Flash. Anyway, I bought this digital camera – comes with 32MB of internal memory and a 64MB Sony Memory Stick Duo. I know, I know – I never endorse Sony Memory sticks because it is more expensive compared to other flash-based storage formats and also only works on Sony products! Unfortunately, I have no choice and I think that I will be getting a 1GB version, too! *tsk* *tsk* Will just wait for a friend to come home from the US – much cheaper there than here. Come to think of it, it will come in handy when I get my PSP!!! *Christmas wish list*

My new digital camera connects to my powerbook wirelessly via Bluetooth! Cool, huh? Yes, I can transfer images and videos between the two devices. I can also do it via USB whilst charging the camera but who wants to bring cables anyway?! 😛

Here’s a crop of a photo taken using the new camera.

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