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Personal: JavaOne Food

Posted by rom on July 9, 2005

Everytime I stay in a hotel, I usually sample their food via room service. Although I have had room service from Marriott before but that was in Baltimore. This one is in San Francisco and it might be better. 🙂

Anyway, had supper and breakfast served in my room. Supper was beef ribs and imho, it’s very tasty. Meat’s so tender and the pilaff was cooked just right. Perfect for a TV dinner. Hahaha.

This Japanese breakfast was the last one I had before leaving SF for Manila. Miso soup is plain but the mushroom made quite a difference. I am not used to miso with mushroom since even Saisaki in Manila never serves it with mushroom. The salmon was grilled to perfection. Although the wild salmon I had with the JEDI Masters a few evenings before set the standard for salmon, this one was succulent.

Verdict: good food but as always, pricey


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