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The flight home

Posted by rom on July 5, 2005

The flight on PR 105 from San Francisco to Manila was uneventful. It was, however, delayed similar to our flight from MNL-SFO but this time, it was more than 2 hours delayed. The flight was supposed to leave at 10PM but was moved to 1230! Good thing that we were given a $12 meal voucher to compensate. 🙂 Bought myself a BBQ Duck from the Chinese restaurant and mind you, the restaurant took awhile before they served my order – maybe because they were swamped with orders from passengers of the PAL flight.

I tried the T-Mobile WiFi at the airport. I was able to upload a couple of photos at first but then the hotspot refused to give me an IP address. I did not know what happened because all of a sudden, I could not connect. I could detect the signal but no ip address. Oh well. At least I was able to check my mail and upload a couple of MBs. 🙂

I was seated at 23A – window seat and very close to the lavatory and the door. I was told that since the plane’s not full, there’s no need to go to Honolulu to refuel. That slashed our travel time from 16 (or was that 14) to 12 hours. Coolness! A direct flight similar to the MNL-SFO flight. My arrival time was moved an hour or two early, which was a very good thing.

Seated beside me were two ladies – a middle aged one and a senior citizen on the aisle seat. The middle aged lady transferred to another row since there were lots of vacant seats anyway. I thought of moving as well but figured that since there will be an empty seat between me and the other lady, I’d be fine. Besides, it was near the lavatories – easy access, plus it was near the door, faster exit or so I thought.

After they served supper, I immediately went to sleep. I even missed the snack that was served several hours after. I must have slept like a log — meaning, it was comfortable! I thought of buying a pair of sandals so my feet won’t hurt but the new pair of Nike Free that I bought are very comfortable. Promised the wife that I’d get her a pair, too!

Woke up after 6 hours of sleep and then saw a movie (Sahara) on my own LCD screen. Coolness! What baffled me, however, is the fact that the old lady beside me was watching a movie without a headset. Either she’s a very good lip reader or somehow, somewhere I missed the wireless in-ear sets or something. 🙂 Tried to look for some video games but unfortunately, they’re not available on that flight. Darn it! Oh, I also saw an episode of ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ — sad that that show ended already.

Took a nap and woke up just in time for breakfast. Had chicken tocino. Not that tasty but will probably pass as food considering that it’s an airline fare anyway. hahaha. Supper was better – beef with pasta or something. Dunno what the snack was since I missed it – although the old lady saved it for me, I did not eat it anymore.

The last hour or so was spent listening to my iPod mini blasting some podcasts that I saved earlier. That surely made the last couple of minutes more enjoyable than viewing a Filipino flick on screen. Yeah, it was some love story involving some of the local talents. Corny! Hahahah

Plane docked at 4. Got out a couple of minutes after those from first and business class. Darn it! Oh well, the affluent surely gets more privileges! Shesh. Anyway, took just 2 minutes at the immigration but took forever waiting for my luggages! ARGH and double argh! I promised myself that I will not check-in early but I don’t want to lose the privilege of choosing my seat! Trade-offs!

Got out of the airport before 5AM and planned on grabbing breakfast from Jollibee or McDo — I thought that the Philcoa branches were open 24 hours but I was wrong! Oh well – tried Tapa King at Commonwealth and same thing – closed! Ended up having instant noodles at home!

Anyway, it is good to be back home. Whilst I enjoyed my stay in SF, it would have been better if I were with my family. Oh well – back to reality!


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