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June 25 or June 26?

Posted by rom on June 26, 2005

Well, am a bit sleepy now but I could not sleep. Weird, eh? I claimed that I don’t usually get jet lag but I guess I have it now! Slept the entire flight and it is now 10PM, Sunday in Manila and Sunday is just starting here – 7AM. Argh and double argh! I need another 24 hours to be able to get my body clock synced with the environment.

Anyway, the flight went ok but the wait at the NAIA airport was something else. Imagine, PAL having the last security check, cordoned off a section of the boarding area but did not provide enough seats for a full flight! In addition, there was barely any air conditioning. Thanks to the weather, power was supplied by a generator that could not even provide enough juice to power all the lights! SHESH!!!! Thanks, PAL for the delay. I hope that the flight home is better.

Will post a longer entry later, when I get enough energy or should I say, if I still have enough energy left after going to the Apple Mothership (Apple Store).

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