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The World beyond IE

Posted by rom on May 19, 2005

Don’t you just hate it when you visit an important website only to discover that it does not render properly on your preferred browser? What is worse is that the website is either an online banking service, government site or something critical. I am glad that the two sites that I frequent, Citibank and BPI Express Online support browsers such as Safari and Firefox.

If you have sites that are locked-in to some specific web browser, maybe we can do something by having a wall of shame. What do you think? Maybe these web application developers will wake up to their senses and discover that there is a world beyond Internet Explorer!

Let’s use this blog entry to list these sites. 🙂


6 Responses to “The World beyond IE”

  1. ia said

    that’s a good idea; it’ll be fun to make a whole blog for it. 😛

  2. buchicoy said

    Some contributions to the wall of shame:

    Metrobank Direct (
    – supports only IE6 and Netscape4.7

    JobsDB (
    – IE5 and above on Win95/98/ME/2000/XP (there is a “Try with Other Browser option” but you can only use Quick Apply using Firefox)

    and last but not the least…(pinakimportante pa naman. thesis stuff. nakakainis grrr)

    ACM Portal which contains the Digital Library and Guide to Computing Literature) (

    I always go to these sites so it’s quite annoying!

  3. mac.n.tux said

    The ACM portal works on Safari and Firefox.

  4. Corsarius said

    IE is just way inferior to Firefox. 🙂

    i once came across a site which boasted a button “Get Firefox.” but the site was not properly rendered in my Firefox browser, and more unfortunate is the fact that below the said button was the line “Best Viewed in IE.” grr.

    Phillip Kimpo Jr. (

  5. buchicoy said

    Ganun? Bakit ayaw madownload ng white papers pag Firefox gamit ko 😦

  6. Abe said

    The Javascript navigation inside BPIExpressOnline doesn’t work in Firefox.

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