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Personal: And another year is added

Posted by rom on May 18, 2005

Today marks the birthday of Pope John Paul II. Yes, we do share the same birthday and maybe that is the reason why we are such good boys. 🙂

First of all, I’d like to thank God for giving me another year to do whatever He has set out for me here in this world. I am hoping that I am not disappointing the big Guy up there.

Next, I like to thank those who have sent their greetings early today – yes, as in 1AM (my wife) and followed by my sister at 4AM and my colleagues at work at 6AM. Although I got some email from my friends at work yesterday, I know that there are still those from other timezones who still are on the 17th. 🙂 Thanks for remembering everyone!

Anyway – I have no plans today but to work on my paper. Will be telecommuting so I’ll be staying at home the entire day. No parties, no gimmicks, nothing. I guess that this comes with age – I used to go out and spend the entire day having fun but these days, fun is spending it with the kids! In rare times like this one, I wish that my youngest is a bit older so we can easily go out and spend the day nature tripping, taking photos (photo op), malling, restaurant hopping, etc. 🙂

Happy birthday, Pope John Paul II! 😀


One Response to “Personal: And another year is added”

  1. aa said

    !Oist ! berdey, Hapi. ? Libre san mo. !Na tanda.

    – gelo

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