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One day to go

Posted by rom on April 28, 2005

In a few hours, Tiger will be released to the public. I cannot wait to get a copy of the new Mac OS X. I will start to back-up all my data so that I can do a clean install. Yeah, I am not comfortable “upgrading” a previous OS installation.

Anyway, since the rest of the world will be getting it tomorrow, except for the Philippines, I am hoping that the order that I made will be fulfilled tomorrow as well and hopefully gets shipped early next week. That will great!

BTW, a new breed of G5’s just came out. I am tempted to get myself the entry-level dual processor PowerMac G5 but since I rarely use a desktop system (I always use my 15″ Powerbook), it might just be overkill. I just hope that the iMac G5 or eMac will be updated soon, too.


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