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What makes Tiger a must-have for me

Posted by rom on April 23, 2005

Apple is now shipping its latest operating system, Mac OS X v. 4 or Tiger as it is popularly known. I have placed my order for the Family Pack, which gives me 5 licenses for our powerbooks, I have a 15″ and my wife has a 12″. Cheaper than getting two separate packages.

What makes me buy it right away? Well, apart from my usual illness of always living on the ‘bleeding edge’, there are some very important improvements and/or additions that come with the new operating system.

Apart from the most popular additions such as Spotlight, Dashboard, etc., I have listed some other features that make Tiger a must-have:

1. Addressbook sharing via .Mac
2. Graphing Calculator
3. Built-in language translator
4. Smart Folders like the iTunes Smart Playlist
5. Built-in dictionary
6. Jabber support
7. Multi-person Audio Conferencing using iChat
8. .Mac Email Alias support
9. Smart Mailboxes like item 4
10. Per-Account Email Signature
11. Network-based Home Directory (this is so cool!)
12. VPN on Demand
13. XGrid
14. JPEG 2000 and RAW Camera support in Preview (great!)
15. PDF Annotation in Preview (woohoo!!!!)
16. Encrypt PDF documents
17. Support for PDF Forms as well
18. Quicktime 7 and H.264
19. Secure Virtual Memory (finally!)
20. Password Helper (for password generation – very useful since I have migrated my dictionary-based passwords to something that is even non-pronounceable)
21. VoiceOver Spoken interface (this I want to test)

These are just some. I am sure that there are some more minor tweaks introduced in Tiger. I am hoping that I get it first week of May. 🙂


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