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Glad I did it, when will you?

Posted by rom on April 22, 2005

I am really happy with my decision to switch to the Mac many moons ago. This is coming from a Linux user, of course. Do not get me wrong but I do love Linux having used it since the mid-90s. And yes, I did use Windows, too – from Windows 3.11 to 95, 98/98SE, NT, 2000 and XP Pro. However, I usually configure my x86-based computer with both Windows and Linux and simply use Windows for games. Since I have stopped playing games already – I have outgrown it but I am sure that in the future, I will go back to playing games again but on a console or a portable device (PSP, *hint* *hint*) and no longer on the PC.

Anyway, my last PC was bought two and a half years ago – from a computer loan programme of the University. I immediately installed Windows XP (yes, licensed, of course!) and office suite (I just refuse to support Microsoft Office file formats) along with some games that I bought such as Command & Conquer. 🙂 Well, that did not last long – the PC just kept on BSODing on me up to the point of literally kicking the CPU out of frustration!

I ended up formatting the drive and installing Mandrake Linux. Everything went very well from then on but no games for me. Heck, I was not losing anything anyway – just precious time and besides, my brother was getting addicted to it to the point of no longer studying. I hate it when that happens and I do not want my kids to do the same thing in the future — so no computer games for me, no games for them!

This did not last long since I needed a portable for work. I was contemplating on getting an IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba. The Thinkpad is a better choice for me since IBM supports Linux very well. Apple’s adverts on ACM and IEEE journals and magazines had me consider the Mac. And to cut the story short, I closed my eyes and jumped — bought an iBook. 🙂

Well, this article may also help you decide to switch. Do not take my word for it – study the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mac. One very glaring disadvantage is the addiction on adding more and more accessories to your Mac. 🙂

So – come on and join the enlightened ones.


One Response to “Glad I did it, when will you?”

  1. dous said

    I’ve always wanted to try out a Mac… But unfortunately, I don’t have the money (yet).

    Here’s a comparison that says Macs are actually cheaper than (branded) PCs!

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