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VoiceComm 2005

Posted by rom on April 20, 2005

I just attended VoiceComm 2005 at Shangri-La EDSA Plaza Hotel this morning. I planned on finishing the event til 5PM today but plans changed. Why? Well, I was so disappointed with the content of the event, the venue and the facilities.

The content. I browsed through the programme and saw that most of the talks are too basic for my technical staff. We were hoping that we will get to learn more about voice-over-IP but our Cisco Day session a few months back covered more than what were written on that programme.

The demonstration was something that was worth looking forward to but it was really so disappointing. Imagine setting up the demo to be just between two voip and video cameras in the same room! Heck, we were expecting to see a demo that will span countries! Heck, we could have done a simple Gnomemeeting and achieved the same results. They even bragged about the quality of the video. With the two nodes on the same uncongested network, what do you expect? Heck, I have seen better – try using iChatAV and see how it is supposed to be done!

Ironically, it was supposed to be a VoiceComm event but the audio in the room’s crappy! We could not hear the speaker clearly. I ended up WAPping (with one of my engineers surfing using PLDT’s WeRoam Mobile) and listening to my iPod Shuffle (playing a Podcast from IT Conversations featuring Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz keynote an Open Source event).

One thing that could have saved the day is the food, of course. Well, the event organizers failed here. They invited far too many people ending up with people not getting their share of the sandwiches. Shesh!

VoiceComm 2006? I don’t think that I will be attending that one.


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