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Powerbook and WeRoam

Posted by rom on April 18, 2005

One of the reasons why I purchased a 15″ powerbook is to have a PCMCIA slot for PLDT’s WeRoam, which, unfortunately only works with Windows-based computers. Although the provided card has unsupported drivers for Panther, I just could not make it work. Perhaps because of the version of my Mac OS X (currently 10.3.9).

I am hoping that Tiger will solve this problem. Otherwise, either I buy a new card (from Sony Ericsson) or get myself a bluetooth-enabled, GPRS and EDGE-connected mobile phone. Oh well — good thing that I do not need it as much since I rarely access the Net outside of my home and office, where I enjoy full wireless connectivity. 🙂

We’re testing it with Linux and see how it goes. Watch this space.


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