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I work for bandwidth

Posted by rom on April 17, 2005

This weekend, I just experienced surfing the Internet like I was in New Jersey! Yes, it is ultra-extremely fast! I am getting close to 3.5Mbps and no, I am not complaining. If this is how PLDT is planning to upgrade my subscription at no additional cost, I will definitely sign up for another year!

I think PLDT is testing the waters already – if the system can handle it, i.e. providing more than 3Mbps bandwidth to its residential subscribers. I say, PLDT go for it! This will definitely leave the competition too far behind and we will get close to achieving close to US broadband bandwidth levels. Cool, huh?

I am downloading Linux ISOs now and I am getting from 200-500KB/s on my powerbook! Cool, huh? I just downloaded the Suse Linux LiveDVD, the latest Ubuntu for x86 and PowerPC and now getting the 10.1 version of Slackware x86. I hope that this continues indefinitely. šŸ™‚


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