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Posted by rom on April 13, 2005

The Tiger roars on April 29! Yes, Apple finally announces the release of Mac OS X 10.4, codenamed Tiger! We have Java 1.5 Tiger release and Mac OS X Tiger release. I just hope that we get Tiger on Tiger. 🙂

Anyway, Fedora Core 4 Test 2 has been released and it will not be long until Fedora Core 4 will be out. I wonder where Longhorn is. Nyahahahah!

Question now is – will I or will I not upgrade to Tiger? I definitely will! Being an upgrade freak, I have ordered one from Amazon already. Asked my brother-in-law to fedex it once he gets it. Will cost me an additional $40 but at the rate stocks are coming in from Singapore, I reckon that it will take time for our resellers to get them. If it local stocks are in early, then I will buy one as well – the one that arrives later will be installed on the 12″ powerbook, Impette. The first package will be installed on Simba, 15″ powerbook.


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