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More on Open Source

Posted by rom on April 12, 2005

I have some great news for Open Source folks. Yes, I spoke with a CICT official and according to him, they are seriously considering using FOSS in their offices as well as in their recommendations to the Department of Education. Cool, ain’t it? They are even thinking of having their own CICT Office, based on office suite. I will help them out customize it.

Now the real issue begins — who should provide training to these people who are willing to migrate to FOSS? What about the help desk – who can they call just in case they have problems? I think this should be answered asap.


2 Responses to “More on Open Source”

  1. JM Yap said

    Well, now, that’s great news! At least DepEd is finally taking a couple of steps towards breaking the chains of (what former UP President Nemenzo termed as) Digital Imperialism (pardon for a lack of better term).

  2. buchicoy said

    great indeed! i’m sure the other government agencies will follow suit (o baka nauna na)

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