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Windows 97,000++, Mac OS X 0

Posted by rom on April 6, 2005

Yes, that is what this study declares. Imagine that? Incredible, huh? And what is more incredible is the fact that you are still using Windows! Well, if you are using Linux or the Mac, very good! Hahaha…

What are you waiting for? Isn’t this enough for you to switch to the Mac or install Linux on your x86-based computer? *scratches head* I don’t understand why you love torturing yourself and keeping on worrying about getting infected by viruses and worms and trojans and malware (and the list goes on)

What do you need? Office suite? Well, I use, Keynote and Pages along with TeXShop (how geekier can you get?).

Browsing and mail? I use and Camino, Firefox, Safari and Opera. You can also use Thunderbird for mail. And yes, these mail clients are immune to whatever infects your Outlook/Outlook Express mail client.

RSS? I use NetNewsWire and NewsMac.

Music? iTunes. Movies? VLC and iMovie. CD/DVD creation? Roxio’s Toast.

Development? I have apache on my powerbook and can install mysql or postgresql along with jboss, tomcat and php. Perl? Built-in! Java? yes!

IDE? Xcode or you can even use Eclipse!

Oh well – all the tools I need are available on my Mac. Do I miss Linux? Not really since most of the apps available on Linux are just a “compile” away. 🙂 And yes, I still use vi on the CLI.

So what are you waiting for? Switch!


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