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Posted by rom on March 20, 2005

Sun Microsystems is losing two key folks to different companies. One of them, whom I have met before, is Danese Cooper, the Sun Open Source Diva. She works for Sun techvangelist Matt Thompson. I am wondering why she is moving to Intel specially since Sun is now marketing AMD Opteron-based solutions. Anyway, good luck Danese! Hope to see you in JavaOne this year, though.

Anyway, I am hoping that this does not mean that Sun’s Open Source plans are changing. Sun has been on of the largest contributors in the community. Even if Java is not fully open sourced, Sun’s support to open source projects is one that cannot be beat by any company so far. However, IBM is fast moving in to that position as well. I must admit that IBM’s open source IDE, Eclipse, is a tool that has gained a lot of followers whilst competing directly against NetBeans, Sun’s baby. Since I do not have any use for IDEs yet, I have no opinion as to which one is better. I have, however, seen the SWT vs Swing debate and whilst Swing is fully portable, SWT is faster and looks better. I wish that the Swing engineers are doing a lot to improve it.

I do have one gripe about Sun, though. Its support for Java development on the Mac. Yes! Although Apple’s Mac OS X Server comes bundled with a lot of Java support, I think that Sun must also support the Mac by providing the same tools available on Solaris, Linux and Windows. Honestly, I think this is also a good move by Sun specially with Apple’s seriousness in getting a piece of the server market share. The more Java applications deployed surely is a big boost to Sun. 🙂 But then again, what do I know? Sun and Apple may have been working together to come up with something by JavaOne. 😀


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