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Why do I love thee?

Posted by rom on March 5, 2005

I bought my first Mac same time two years ago. It was an iBook that made me switch! It did not take long for me to upgrade to the powerbook and now I am graduating from the 12″ to the 15″. I think it is about time for me to get a ‘real’ powerbook. My notebooks are all desktop replacements and although the 12″ provided me with all the power and portability that I needed, I think the 15″ will provide me with some more.

People now brand me as either a Open Source advocate or a Mac advocate. Truth to tell, I am both. I do not ignore the fact that x86-based processors still have the largest share of the computer market but I do recognize superior technology when I see one. 🙂

Anyway, I advocate Linux and other OS applications on x86-based computers instead of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Yes, whilst I know that Linux has a small market share similar to the Mac, it is far more superior than the popular Windows operating system. It is far more secure, flexible, robust and best of all, affordable! It never fails to amaze me how people still use Windows operating systems while at the same time whine about getting infected by trojans, worms and viruses! Wake up, i-dee-ten-tee!

Although I advocate Linux and OS apps, I tend to use the Mac more often. Before I shifted, I was using a university-issued Toshiba notebook running Linux. Running Linux on notebooks has a lot of issue (in fairness, however, most issues have been solved as of press time) when it comes to hardware and software compatibility. There are some hardware devices that are simply not auto-detected by Linux on install so you need to tweak it and add modules and drivers. Whilst this is not unique to Linux, it is just a tad more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, that was two years ago. Today, driver support has improved by leaps and bounds. Manufacturers provide official Linux drivers already.

With the same market share as Linux, Mac share the same problem of being a second class citizen in the software industry. Software manufacturers tend to release Windows versions first before the Mac or if you are lucky, a Linux version, too. Let’s face it, with market share as the basis for revenue, we cannot blame these software developers. So what do I do? I turn to Open Source apps on the Mac as well.

I use Calc for my spreadsheet because I do not want to invest on a single Microsoft Office license! I use LaTeX for my documents and now that I have Pages, I use it for some quick unofficial documents. Anyway, I use Keynote 2 for my presentations and save it as PDF if sharing is required. No, I do not port it to Powerpoint!

I use VLC to view DVDs and other video formats (except for Quicktime, I use QuickTime Pro, of course), even Windows media format. If the format does not play properly, it is their fault and not VLCs. I simply delete the file and empty the trash bin right away! Hehehe…

So, with BSD running under the hood, I get the Command Line Interface (CLI) that I get on Linux, X11 as well BUT I have far better software-hardware integration than Linux and a more cooler interface, too.

If you are on the look out for a new computer, get a Mac. If you have invested on x86, use Linux!


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