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Waiting for Santa

Posted by rom on March 3, 2005

I have finally succumbed to technolust once again! For weeks now, I was struggling to decide on which option to get:

1. Get the 2005 12″ Powerbook (trade-in my 1.33 12″ powerbook) and get Mac Mini
2. Get the Mac Mini
3. Get the 2005 15″ Powerbook and give 1.33 12″ powerbook to my wife

After reading some Mac Mini issues and after realizing that I do not need 3 years warranty for the Mac Mini (besides, the wife does not want it but I might just get one for the kids later this year), I have decided to go for Option 3.

Yes! I am now getting the 15″ 1.67Ghz Powerbook with SuperDrive. The faster hard drive, backlit keyboard, PCMCIA slot (I might just get the new PLDT WeRoam service), better video card did it for me. And besides, the feature difference between the 15″ 1.67 and the 17″ is not that much — I think the only difference is the screen size. šŸ™‚

And now the waiting begins… was told by my reseller that I will get it next week.


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