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Protecting the Shuffle

Posted by rom on March 3, 2005

Thanks to my friend from Hong Kong, I just received my Sports Case yesterday. First impression – it is a bit heavy. Yes, it does add weight to your Shuffle but I guess with the protection it offers, it is acceptable. I checked out the other cases available so far and except for one released by XtremeMac, the other cases do not offer the same protection as the Sports Case.

One major gripe, though – you cannot turn the Shuffle ON or OFF whilst it is in the case. The controls, however, work wonderfully. You just need to press on it harder than without the case.

What I like about this case is the fact that I no longer worry that someone will just come up to me and snatch my Shuffle whilst wearing the bundled lanyard. With the Sport Case, the Shuffle is very secure – no chance of being able to snatch it without really hurting your neck. 🙂

Next target, better lanyard. Orange seems not to fit me. hehehe… although I was wearing an orange shirt yesterday – matched perfectly. 🙂

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